The Limelight is Never Sublime Light

One of the main reasons why I prefer relative obscurity to notoriety is because the more you put your life out there, the more people either put you on a pedestal or make sweeping negative assumptions about you.

They simplify you, to put it simply. People are simplistic in nature, because people are lazy. Too lazy to think for themselves, let alone to actively analyze their own thought processes and separate original thoughts from lifelong societal conditioning.

Anyone who’s even remotely in the general public’s eye gets propped up and torn down in the same instance. They get showered with false adulation in one breath, only to be chewed up and spit out in the next.

Like some cheap gum that’s lost its flavor, you go from being palatable to becoming completely off-putting almost instantaneously.

You become a victim of mass consumption in an instant gratification culture instead of an individual, complex being. You cease to be an actual person and become an idea, a product; a conflation of multiple public personas that share superficial similarities.

People do this to more easily categorize you inside a filing drawer in their head, to right click and hit shift + delete when they’ve had their fill of you. This is necessary to keep the dream of living vicariously through others alive.

Others can be easily discarded because they were always ‘other’ and never ‘normal.’ Others are kept at a distance because normal people don’t pursue their dreams and live their truths unapologetically. At least, that’s what they’ve convinced themselves of, out of mere fear of failure and fear.

People are altogether too predictable, by and large. Then differences that we perceive as separating us are only gargantuan within the confines of our own egos. If you know yourself, truly and honestly know yourself, then you can put yourself in anyone else’s shoes.

If you’re too scared to sit by yourself in the campfires of your own soul, then you’ll never understand why anyone does anything. Know yourself to know your enemy, but know your enemy to know yourself. They are one and the same.


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