Seattle City Lights

I was more traumatized by my life in Seattle than I was from escaping civil war in Somalia as a toddler, with bullets flying overhead and people dying right next to me.

I remember making eye contact with my dad as he backed up a trailer truck that was being used to pile up the casualties of conflict and drive them off to be dumped in the mass graves. People were dying so fast that there wasn’t any time to dig individual graves, and there weren’t enough people left alive to do it.

Y’all really have no idea how terrible of a place Seattle is for me to feel this strongly about it, with the background that I have. Stay tf away. If you live there, get out while you still have a soul.


2 thoughts on “Seattle City Lights

  1. What’s so bad about it? I’m originally from there, and I’m black too. I moved away when I was about 11 so it’s been awhile but in your opinion why is it so horrible? Peace out.

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  2. Experience is the best teacher. I imagine you’d have an entirely different perspective as an adult in that city. Everything ain’t for everyone, and that place wasn’t for me. I think that’s about it.


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