There’s a lot to be said for living your life on autopilot, a pilot that was trained in a school of equal parts western decadence, debauchery and carelessness.

It’s like somewhere along the road you forgot…

or, rather, you made a series of conscious decisions to take the easy way out.

To find a way to fit in, because those that stand out so often end up getting the mallet smashed on top of their domes, like some sort of a human whack-a-mole.

Whack the African unorthodox Diasporan with the ever-ready Mallet-of-White-Pride-by-Way-of-Cultural-Erasure.

White folks can’t be proud of their heritage, or lack thereof, unless it’s actively erasing and conforming to its own tastes the cultural views of anyone within eyesight.

Don’t stop shooting until you see the whites of their eyes, they famously said, but what they probably meant was that whiteness is a universal signifier of safety and comfort to them.

A white flag has been known since the start of white history to mean acquiescence; again, whiteness signifies safety… or so we’re led to believe.


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